vltava philharmonic hall
vltava philharmonic hall

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international architectural design competition, 3rd place
location: Prague, Czech Republic
client: The Capital City of Prague and Prague Institute of Planning and Development

project: 2022

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Kaja Stopar
Blaž Goričan
Martin Tomažič
Rok Primažič
Mitja Usenik
Samo Bojnec
Valentin Tribušon Ovsenik

Miomir Mijić, acoustic engineering
Gašper Blejec, traffic engineering
Niko Kristanič, structual engineering

New Vltava Philharmonic Hall is conceived as a concentrated volume – a vertical stack of concert halls, ‘liberating’ the surrounding site to develop as a large Park/Square.

The three large halls – Multipurpose Hall, Recital Hall and Concert Hall all occupy different levels of the new building, compressed into a common core, a strong and massive central ‘heart’ of the building, containing – besides main halls – all additional circulation and service facilities that constitute a building, as well as all main structural elements of the building.

The remaining programmes – orchestra spaces, office spaces, Creative Hub, as well as the lobbies and foyers, wrap around this central core to complement the internal spaces in the best possible way. They all remain visible on the surface and well lit, for good daily use of the building.

Instead of an image of large tower, we propose an image of a large ‘roof’ – a typological twist of Prague medieval architecture, always extremely dependent on its ‘roofscape’ conclusions. A roof that will, in typical Czech tradition of glass craftsmanship, be covered in the curtain-like tiles of cast glass, rendering the entire structure partially translucent or transparent, depending on the programme hidden behind, ‘in the roof’.

Cast glass translucent skin, a curtain suspended off the volume, shimmers over Prague at night.