urban design roška
urban design roška

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open urban design competition, 1st place
client: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport RS

project: 2020

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Valentin Tribušon Ovsenik
Samo Bojnec
Antonia Rubić

visualisations: Gregor Vidmar

For the development of the Roška area, for the planned programs of UL ALUO, SŠOF and ŠDL, an urban planning design of a hybrid urban park is proposed, which functions both as a small educational campus and at the same time as a new urban park of the city, where: the entire area is arranged as a large park area, public accessible and in use by the wider city, sprinkled with intended programs gathered in compact volumes, like points in space.

The layout of the buildings follows the directions and relationships in the space, especially the fan-shaped layout of the residential buildings and the wings of the former barracks. Three compact, centrally organized buildings with a modern atrium design are placed in the set geometry. Programs are located on the ground floors of the buildings and in the associated outdoor spaces, which promote the urban character of the area and its attractiveness for users and visitors.