science center
science center

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competion entry
client: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

project: 2018

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Samo Bojnec
Vid Tancer
Mitja Usenik
Valentin Tribušon Ovsenik

The Science Center is designed as a free-standing pavilion, placed on the new connecting square.

In the city, it acts as a new point of activity, and in the area as a screen, facing the city and the park by Gradaščica river. It is shaped like an oval, like an object that, despite its length, turns in all directions. It becomes a connecting pavilion, a platform for events, activities.

The level of the large exhibition hall is a field of large programs embedded in the terrain. The central space, the demonstration center ‘Showroom’, the conference hall and the gallery, are all placed together on one common surface, which is sunk into the ground. The programs are organized in stripes, with a strategically placed central lane of communications that connects the level with the entry level of the ground floor and enables joint or separate use of the programs.

The upper floors of the Science Center are the ‘working floors’ of the center, designed as flexible platforms, where the required programs (fab-lab, lab, offices, meeting rooms, etc.) are provided with light, flexible work space, easy communication, the possibility of use outside working hours (via entrances directly into the cores) – the best working conditions.

The roof of the Science Center is the ‘cherry on top’, the program cap of the entire Science Center – it is the green roof, or in other words, the garden of a sustainable experiment, full of a wide variety of elements, all of which are linked to the activity of sustainable development research.