nuk II
nuk II

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NUK II – National and University Library II Ljubljana
competition entry, 1st prize

project: 2012-ongoing

address: Emonska cesta, Ljubljana

client: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Blaž Goričan
Martin Tomažič
Christophe Riss
Gašper Skalar
Tina Marn
Ida Sedušak
Irene Salord
Andrej Ukmar
Jure Kozin
Jožef Kalčik
Radim Louda
Davor Počivašek
Utban Petranovič

The new National and University Library Ljubljana – NUK II, an extension of famous Plečnik’s library, is located in the vicinity of it, on the site of archaeological remains of the Roman city of Emona.

The proposed building presents itself as an urban palace, occupying the corner of two streets, and forming – through its setback – two entrance squares/plazas – city public spaces.

The archaeological remains become constituent element of the new library, its base, seamlessly joining historical and contemporary.

Above this level, the library consists of a stack of open-access library spaces, offices and work spaces, resulting in a high central space of the library – communal reading room, where different reading platforms rest suspended throughout the vertical volume of the room. A resulting ‘Piranesian’ space echoes the classical Plecnik’s reading room, now hosting study spaces of the library.

The structure of the building is simultaneously its elevation – a series of white concrete columns defines its perimeter, resembling remains of an old temple, brimming with student life inside.