non-profit housing cesta v gorice
non-profit housing cesta v gorice

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address: Cesta v Gorice, Ljubljana
client: JSSMOL
programme: non-profit apartments

project: 2002-2005
completion: 2006-2007

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Davorin Počivašek
Mojca Kocbek

photographer: Miran Kambič

Non-profit apartment settlement is located in the degraded area on the edge of the city. The site occupies a long piece of derelict land wedged between Cesta v Gorice road and swamp vegetation. The settlement, designed as experimental housing scheme, is in the vicinity of Asylum Centre and offers a new home to low-income families as well as to refugees with residence permits.

The urban design tries to avoid the typical social housing scheme where territories in-between blocks, without clear ownership become desolate areas. The settlement is therefore divided into four enclaves which form independent social units, similar in size with village structures. The S-shape buildings form two types of courtyards as semi-private spaces, thus marking out territories for social exchange. The narrower, paved courtyard with childrens’ playgrounds is more ‘urban’, whereas wider one with orchard has more ‘rural’ atmosphere.

All apartments, accessible via outside corridors, have double orientation. Bright yellow doors mark each individual unit. The apartments – there are five different types ranging from 26 to 76 square meters – have similar entrance modules with sanitary units, wardrobe and kitchen. Balconies are deliberately omitted – they are substituted with collective courtyards, to further stimulate social interaction. Storage units, located in the low structures along the road, work as sound barrier, protecting inner courtyards.

The simple concrete construction is clad with cement composite panels. Their appearance changes with the orientation of the facade. Smooth black panels are used on the outside corridors while corrugated panels are used on more exposed parts of the elevation.