južni park bratislava
južni park bratislava

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Južni park, Južne mesto, Bratislava – urban development
competion entry, 1st Prize
client: CRESCO GROUP a.s.

project: 2017

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Blaž Goričan
Juanmi Hererro Rubio
Christophe Riss
Martin Tomažič

3d visualizations:
Urban Petranovič
Mitja Usenik

Južni Park Bratislava, well connected with the city but without a strong character, offered us the challenge of creating a new quarter with a strong and unique identity.

JPB offers a clear linear development along a new park, full of amenities and sport areas; a commercial promenade, a new communal space for the new inhabitants of the area and a green buffer in the north that acts as a buffer towards the Panonska street. All the blocks are submerged in this new landscape, the new green spine of the area.

Three distinct characters of living – ground based, urban block of city ambiances and wider, metropolitan condition – create a vibrant urban feeling, reducing the impact of density, and creating the feeling of open space, with the direct connection to the park.

These buildings, a series of islands, create a smaller scale environment within the urban complex, offering a more human scale, a place to live in. Each island, a different phase of JPB, contains all the elements of the project, offering complex combination of typologies – everyone can choose their new ‘home’.

The islands become communities – like small villages of people living together – in green suburbia.