house s
house s

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address: Prague, Czech Republic
client: private

project: 2011-2016

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa Perović
Radim Louda
Christophe Riss

photo: Filip Slapal

Designed for a young family, in the suburbia of Prague, Czech Republic, house S is a praise to its surroundings.

In the area that, apart from its generic suburban ‘neatness’, lacks all other apparent character, the project for a house becomes a small urban plan, led by the idea of establishment of a small village-like structure, resembling a ‘compression’ of its surroundings.

A precisely defined program of the clients is divided into two categories – similar to the organisation of a village, the private parts are considered as single and autonomous houses surrounded by nature (garden) and connected by a ‘central’ public space (a village street). The whole system is spread over the plot, creating a network of spaces, defined by relations between the programs and the urban limits.

By doing so the obvious and problematic relation between the house, its garden and the surroundings is transformed into a condition of relations between its own constituting elements.