house j
house j

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address: Bled, Slovenia
client: private
floor area: 250 m2

project: 2010-2017

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa Perović
Domen Bergoč

photo: Miran Kambič

Designed as a retreat for the family of city-dwellers, house J is overlooking one of the most famous panoramas of Slovenia – that of the Bled lake, with an island in the middle of it and a famous church. The location, a steep incline dropping towards the lake, is in a heavily protected monument area, where all the interventions are limited in expression and size.

That and the incline of the terrain led to a solution of a house which is almost completely ‘hidden’ underground – only a long slit in the mountain face indicates the existence of an elongated living room, carved out into the hill side, offering panoramic views of the lake.

The only ‘sign’ of the building above the ground becomes a stack of bedrooms, compressed into a house-like shape (as dictated by local building regulations), entirely clad in pre-patinated wood, with large windows overlooking the lake and the nearby mountain-scape.