belgrade concert hall
belgrade concert hall

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competition entry, 2nd place
location: Park Mihajla Pupina, New Belgrade
client: UNDP Serbia

project: 2021

Bevk Perović project team:
Matija Bevk
Vasa J. Perović
Blaž Goričan
Martin Tomažič
Kaja Stopar
Samo Bojnec
Rok Primažič
Mitja Usenik
Valentin Tribušon Ovsenik

video: items collective

The concept for a new building of the Concert Hall is based on the idea of a total integration of park and building, where both will become one – a Park of Music for the city. New Belgrade Concert Hall is therefore an extension of the urban concept – a building that becomes and feels like a park, that develops its programmatic logic on the idea of a park, and that can be lived in by its users and employees like the park.

The new Ground floor is slightly elevated from the level of the park, allowing for views over the park at all times. Concert Hall, Recital Hall, Podium and Studio are distributed one next to another, on a single plane, joined by common foyer area, allowing for simultaneous and separate use of each programme.

­­Lower Ground floor, semi-sunken below the ground floor, but with full access to the park, is the main supporting level of the building – containing both supporting public-oriented programmes (ticket sales, music retail etc) and all back of house programmes – performer spaces, rehearsal spaces, as well as offices, all with full access to daylight and the park. Lower ground floor is therefore the foundation of the entire building, its beating heart.

Roof Levels of each of the volumes contain additional programmes – an extension of the park on the roof of Concert Hall, views over the city.

The custom corrugated and custom perforated metal (aluminium/stainless steel) curtain-like façade, wrapping the entire complex into a thin, climatic protective envelope, will be a simultaneous hiding/revealing device of the complex – presenting a solid outside during the day and becoming a light, translucent skin in the evening.